Unique Features of Clawtopia Online Claw Machine You Need to Know

There are lots of online claw machine apps out there. Each has their own features. In this post, we will talk about the unique features of Clawtopia online claw machine. It is a claw machine app that enables you to play claw machine games conveniently and win real, awesome prizes.

Unique Features of Clawtopia Online Claw Machine

  • Realistic control of claw machines. Although players play remotely, the control is realistic. This makes it fun to play.
  • A variety of claw machine game options. You can play Treasure Hunt, Ping-Pong Ball, Bridge Style, Hang & Hook & Shake, and many others. Each game offers a different challenge.
  • Win real, awesome prizes. Clawtopia offers more than 2,000 prize items. You can win toys, plushies, exclusive, limited-edition merchandise that you won’t be able to purchase elsewhere, electronics, and even food. All of them are from the heart of Japan.
  • Experience and reward program. Play your favorite games and win prizes to earn experience points.
  • Level function. As you earn experience points, you will level up. If you meet the requirements, you can claim achievement rewards.
  • Beginner friendly. Want to hone your skills? Take advantage of free plays and play any machine as many times as you want.
  • New prize items are added every day. There is always something new that will pique your interest

Only $1 per Play

It costs only $1 to play a claw machine game. Note that this price is flat. So regardless of where you are, you will pay the same amount to play a game. The price is a bargain compared to the prizes you can win. After all, many of them are exclusive, limited-edition items.

Download Now and Play for Free

If you download Clawtopia now, you will be rewarded with 5 premium tickets. A premium ticket can be used to play any game on the app. It covers the cost to play so if you win while using a ticket, you basically get it for free.

What if you just want to have fun playing or want to hone your claw machine skill? There are free plays, too. You can play any claw machine you want for free. Do keep in mind that you don’t get to claim the prize if you win while on a free play.

These are the unique features of Clawtopia online claw machine. The app makes playing claw machines not only thrilling but also convenient. Not to mention with as low as $1, you can win a real, awesome prize too.






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