The Importance of Applying Principles of Marketing

To start a business, at least we have adequate knowledge about marketing. All kinds of business deal with marketing strategies. The most vital things you should master in business are principles of marketing.

Basically, the main purpose of business is to gain profit. How do we gain profit without selling our products or services effectively? Here is the part where the marketing strategies play its main role to hit the target markets. Knowing the marketing strategies ease you achieve your goal in business. 

What Are Main Principles of Marketing?

The business success absolutely depends on the marketing strategies. Fundamentally, marketing strategies are all game plan in business to change the prospective customers into loyal customers. To make marketing strategies work well, we need marketing principles.

Marketing principles refer to any marketing ideas to enhance the product promotion go smoothly. Business regions like Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and America might have different marketing strategies. Asian Marketing Strategy differs from the marketing strategies in other regions.

Types of Marketing Principles

No matter types of business you have, the marketing principles are practically the same. Here are the basic principles in marketing.×1280.jpg


  • Product

The most crucial part of marketing is the product itself. It includes goods or services that you offer to customer. One thing to remember, the product should meet customer need and has good quality. Emphasize on why they should purchase your product. 

  • Price

Price of product ideally already covers the cost of production. To determine the price of good or service that you sell to customers, you must refer to the market value. The market value allows you to adjust the competitive price among products from other companies.

  • Promotion

Once you launch a product, customer probably hasn’t realized yet what kind of business that you run. Therefore, promotion helps you to increase brand awareness and get customer’s attention to set their eyes on your product. 

Good promotion will effectively persuade your prospective customers to purchase the products. You can take advantage of several methods of promotion such as email marketing, public relations, advertisements, direct marketing, and sales promotion. 

  • Place

The place has essential role to display your good or services and enable your customer purchase them. You need to determine the right place to sell your products efficiently. It could be at offline shop or online. 

  • Packaging

One of trick to interest customers in purchasing your products is by creating a good packaging. It holds the initial impression toward your prospective customers. We can say that the packaging is the way you present the products to customers attractively and convincingly. 

  • Physical Evidence

Essentially, the physical evidence refers to the experience your customers have regarding the good or services they purchased. It becomes a solid proof that your product is qualified and you gain customers’ trust. It includes testimony or case studies about customer satisfaction.

  • Process

In business we have to take into account a process of delivering the products to customers from the start to finish. How long the delivery process and the way you take care of customers affect their satisfaction. 

Considering the principles of marketing is very important to ensure your business grow well. It helps you to gain the target markets effectively. 









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