Clawtopia: Best Game Online Claw Machine in United State You Must Try

The claw machine is plenty of fun to play and even more fun to win. It is a game of skill and chance. If you like playing claw machines, you will love Clawtopia: best game online claw machine in United State. The app allows you to not only have fun with claw machines but does so conveniently.

You can play claw machines anytime and anywhere you want. There is no need to go to an arcade and insert a coin. In addition, there are so many claw machine games and prizes, too.

How to Play Clawtopia: Best Game Online Claw Machine in United State

It doesn’t take a lot to play claw machines. You simply need to download Clawtopia from Google Play or App Store. The other requirement is an internet connection, preferably a stable one to ensure smooth gameplay. These are all you need to play online claw machines.

Next, select the claw machine and the prize you want. Take your time. There are lots of options to choose from. You control the machine using the buttons on your screen. The app will provide you with a live feed of the machine in real-time.

If this is your first time playing an online claw machine, you might want to try the free plays to get used to it. Free plays cost stamina, which will replenish over time. If you win, have the prize delivered to your door via DHL or EMS.

Lots of Games to Play and Exciting Prizes to Win

You can play a wide range of claw machine games on the app. For example, Bridge Style, Ping-Pong Ball, Treasure Hunt, and Bounded Machine, among others. There is always something to play for. There is always a challenge.

There are also exciting prizes. From the regular stuff like plushies, soft toys, and toys, to electronics and food. Not to mention all of the items are uniquely Japanese with many of the items being exclusive and limited edition. You can win them all on Clawtopia.

Flat Price and Premium Tickets

Playing a claw machine costs only $1 per game. The price is flat, so it is the same regardless of where you are. Plus, you may receive premium tickets you can win upon signing up as a new member.

So if you are looking for an exciting way to spend your time, Clawtopia: best game online claw machine in United State is for you. It offers you the chance to win various uniquely Japanese items, including exclusive and limited edition items for as low as $1.







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