3 Unique Features of Clawtopia Online Claw Machine

Type claw machine on Google Play Store and you’ll find many online crane games to download. But among those many options, Clawtopia is the best one since it has amazing features that will make you fall in love with the game. What are the unique features of Clawtopia online claw machine game?

This online claw machine game can make players keep playing and will never stop. Before downloading this game from the App Store or Play Store, you’ll want to check all features of the game. Compare the features of this game with the features of other claw machine games to get the best prizes.

Most Unique Features of Clawtopia Online Claw Machine

The best online claw machine game is the one that has a bunch of cool features. This online claw machine game not only has many features but those features are very stunning. You’ll enjoy the wonderful game all the time because of these amazing features:

  • Premium tickets

All new players of this online claw machine game will get five premium tickets. Those tickets allow you to play the game for free without spending any money. This means you can use the ticket to start playing the game and win exclusive and limited-edition prizes for free.

However, Clawtopia will only give premium tickets to new players. If you’re out of premium tickets, you’ll have to pay to play the game. So, if you really want to get the prizes for free, use the premium tickets wisely and carefully. You’ll only have five chances to win prizes without spending any money.

  • International shipping

Clawtopia is an online claw machine game based in Japan. The real machines you see in the game are located in Japan. When you win real prizes from the claw machines, this game developer is going to ship the prize to your location from the machine location in Japan.

The game developer will use EMS or DHL in shipping real prizes from Japan to your country. They can send real prizes to more than 60 different countries. Make sure that you put your real address before playing the online claw machine game.

  • Two language options

This online claw machine game offers two different languages for all players: Japanese and English. Pick one that you’re fluent in and then play the game more conveniently.






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