3 New Indonesia Consumer Trends 2021

The pandemic’s long term economic repercussions are far reaching in Southeast Asia’s countries, especially in its most populous nation, Indonesia. This pandemic made companies pivot their business. Understanding the latest Indonesia consumer trends 2021 will help to see the country’s opportunity.

The pandemic also makes companies revise the strategies in order to overcome the entire unprecedented challenges and meet the emerging demands as well as adapt to the consumer behaviour’s permanent changes.

Opportunities in Hygiene and Health Products

There are various opportunities open in Indonesia. The first one is the hygiene and health products that are now in demand. There is greater consumption of supplements and vitamins as well as greater attention paid to cleanliness and nutrition.

Up to 54% of people said that they would keep consuming more supplements and vitamins. And among Indonesian people, 84% said that they would pay more attention to hygiene even though the pandemic is over. Distributors and producers of hygiene and health products would love to support them.

The strong demand in hygiene and health products is expected to keep growing in the future. The potential growth can also be found in preventive healthcare services and products.

Indonesia Consumer Trends 2021: Opportunities in E-Commerce

E-commerce is now the new way to shop. About 66% of consumers in Indonesia indicated e-commerce as the first choice to purchase various items. Before the pandemic attacked the country, only 24% of Indonesian consumers loved to shop in e-commerce.

Considering this current growth, the future growth is expected for e-commerce and hopefully it can be the preferred way of shopping. Companies are suggested to accelerate the omni channel strategy or embark on partnerships with the established platforms of e-commerce.

The opportunity to develop the experiences of online shopping is also more immersive. This e-commerce sector offers a huge opportunity to explore.

Indonesian Consumers Love to Stay at Home

After the pandemic, 84% of active consumers prefer to spend most of their time at home. About 72% of Indonesian consumers said that they would like to spend less time participating in any outdoor activity. Even if the lockdowns are lifted, those consumers would love to stay at home.

This is a great opportunity to offer services and products that are related to home entertainment and home improvement. The growth of those services and products are expected, since they can adapt to the new behaviour patterns of the consumers.

There will be an increase in the adoption of gadgets or technology that will recreate the fun social experience for consumers who love to stay at home.

More Consumers Would Love to Cook at Home

Instead of eating outside, many more people are now preferring to stay at home and cook their own meals. 68% of the consumers prefer to cook their own meals at home. There are also opportunities for take-aways and online food deliveries.

Pandemic has changed the whole Indonesia consumer trends 2021. Learn more about the new consumer trends and the best strategy to expand to Indonesia’s consumer market. The right strategy will lead you to success in your expansion to Indonesia.



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